This list relates to the year 201516 which ended on 31/07/2016
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  1. Lecture 1: Key Reading for Theories of Mass Communication in the Modern age 1 item
    The ‘old’ media of ‘mass communication’ including radio, TV and cinema were ‘new’ during the age of high modernity in the middle decades of the twentieth century. The selected reading tells us something about how the politics and technology of this period influenced media theorization in the work of ‘mass society theorists’, such as Lasswell, Wirth, C.W. Mills and the Frankfurt School.
    1. Reading media theory: thinkers, approaches, contexts - Brett Mills, David M. Barlow 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book  see Chapter 9: Mills, C.W. (first published in 1956) ‘Mass Society Theory’.

  2. Lecture 2: Key Reading for Marxism and the Media 1 item
    1. Marxism and media studies: key concepts and contemporary trends - Mike Wayne 2003 (electronic resource)

      Book  See Chapter 5: Base-Superstructure: Reconstructing the Political Unconscious, pp. 118-154.

  3. Lecture 3: Key Reading for Power 0 items
  4. Lecture 4: Key Reading for Pleasure 0 items
  5. Lecture 5: Key Reading for Theorizing Media in the Postmodern World 1 item
    1. An introduction to theories of popular culture - Dominic Strinati 2004

      Book  Read: Chapter 6 'Postmodernism, contemporary popular culture and recent theoretical developments'

  6. Lecture 6: Key Reading for Theories of Media Form 1 item
    1. Understanding media cultures: social theory and mass communication - Nick Stevenson 2002

      Book  Read: Chapter 4: Marshall McLuhan and the Cultural Medium: Space, Time and Implosion in the Global Village

  7. Lecture 7: Key Reading for Neoliberalism 0 items
  8. Lecture 8: Key Reading for Celebrity 0 items
  9. Lecture 9: Key Reading for Feminism 0 items
  10. Lecture 10: Key Reading for Post-Feminism 0 items
  11. Lecture 11: Key Reading for The Public Sphere 0 items
  12. Lecture 12: Key Reading for The Information Society 0 items