1. The following are a number of texts which will be relevant to your learning across either a number of modules, or with one specifically.

    You will note that many of the texts are available as e-resources (free to access for students); you might want to wait until your module starts before discussing with the tutors whether any of the other texts are important for you to buy.

    One book that will be important to hold as a hard copy is the Fran Hedges book "Reflexivity in Therapeutic Practice". Please note that as a welcome gift, the School of Social Sciences will be giving you a £25 voucher to spend in Blackwells, the campus bookshop. We have negotiated a reduced rate for this book, reduced from £26.99 to £20 if bought from the bookshop - please don't buy this in advance, and use your voucher once it has been received (we believe that once enrolled, you need to go to the School of Social Sciences reception with your student card, and they will issue you with the voucher).

    If you are reviewing this list, we would suggest that you peruse some of the texts already listed as e-resources. Alternatively, undertake your own independent study in some of the following areas:



    Other than this, simply keep interested in distress, mental health and clinical psychology, and pursue your own independent interests – you will soon find that this is  a key feature of postgraduate study.

  2. Core Texts 10 items
    Get a copy of these if possible. Contact course leader for discounts on some (see notes)
    1. Clinical psychology in practice - Helen Beinart, Paul Kennedy, Susan P. Llewelyn, ebrary, Inc c2009 (electronic resource)


    2. Psychology, mental health and distress - John Cromby 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Core Text

    3. Psychology, mental health and distress (companion website to the book)

      Website Independent Research This website has a few links to aid your reading of the Cromby et al. book - multiple choice questions and so on

    4. Reflective practice in psychotherapy and counselling - Jacqui Stedmon, Rudi Dallos, ebrary, Inc 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Core Text

    5. Models of mental health - Gavin Davidson, Jim Campbell, Ciaran Shannon, Ciaran Mulholland 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book Core Text

  3. Relevant Journals to Browse 4 items
    1. BMC Psychology

      Journal Independent Research A place for some open access Psychology articles, be selective about whether any of these strike interest for you