1. Family Law Online database 1 item
    The Family Law database includes the full text of the journals Child and Family Law Quarterly, Family Law and International Family Law; and the Family Law Reports.
  2. Core Texts for Purchase 2 items
    1. Hayes and Williams' family law - Stephen Gilmore, Lisa Glennon, Mary Hayes 2016

      Book Core Text This is the core textbook for the Family Law course and we recommend you purchase a copy.

  3. Other books and materials 13 items
    1. Family law - Paula Davies, Paven Basuita 2017

      Book Recommended Reading

    2. Family law - Jonathan Herring 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    3. Family law: text, cases, and materials - Sonia Harris-Short, Joanna Miles, Robert H. George 2015

      Book Core Text Excellent cases and materials book. New edition for 2015.

    4. Cretney and Probert's family law - Rebecca Probert, Maebh Harding, Stephen Michael Cretney 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    5. Family law - Jonathan Herring 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading This text is available to use as a FREE electronic resource but there is a new print edition for 2017 so beware that this version is not up to date.

    6. Great debates in family law - Jonathan Herring, Rebecca Probert, Stephen Gilmore 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    7. Bromley's family law - N. V. Lowe, Gillian Douglas, P. M. Bromley 2014

      Book Recommended Reading

    8. Children: the modern law - Andrew Bainham, Stephen Gilmore, Neville S. Harris, Kathryn Hollingsworth 2013

      Book Recommended Reading A leading book on the law relating to children.

    9. Family Law

      Journal Core Text The Family Law journal is available on the Family Law Online database from 1999 onwards, and is also available in hard copy in the Boots Library Law Journals collection from 1971 onwards.

    10. Family law and personal life - John Eekelaar 2017

      Book Independent Research

    11. Family law, gender and the state - Alison Diduck, Felicity Kaganas 2012

      Book Recommended Reading

    12. Family law matters - O'Donovan, Katherine 1993

      Book Recommended Reading

    13. The children act - Ian McEwan 2014

      Book Independent Research McEwan's fictional work was described by Baroness Hale in June 2017 as "a very good book, or at least quite a good illustration of what a family division judge’s life is like”. It touches on aspects of the module.